Discussions on campus about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are often mired in ideological issues, leaving many disengaged and uninformed of actual realities. In response, IPF works to advance a pragmatic discourse on what can be done now - absent a political agreement or present negotiations - to increase the security, quality of life, and hope for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians alike. The Two-State Security platform and our new Campus Resources section highlight these policies and are designed to facilitate nuanced discussions, debate, and study of the conflict.

What You'll Find

  • Downloadable Worksheets & Handouts
  • Interactive Maps
  • Informative Videos

These resources are designed to be used in a variety of educational settings and exercises, ranging from Model United Nations teams to pro-Israel or pro-Palestine student groups interested in exploring the complex Israeli-Palestinian political environment. Academics and teachers can also include these materials as optional components in their curricula.

We appreciate your feedback and opinions. If there are additional resources you would like to see included, please reach out to us at campus@ipforum.org.