Air Security

A trustworthy air space security system must start with clear parameters on the use of sovereign Palestinian airspace above the future state of Palestine – from surface to 10,000 feet – with limitations on the type of aircraft that would be allowed to fly into and out of Palestinian airports located in the Jordan Valley and Gaza. Those flying in and out of these airports would recognize that any violation of these limitations could lead to immediate military action by Israel against potentially hostile aircraft.


All personnel would be thoroughly vetted – air traffic procedures would need to be agreed upon, including emergency situations should Israeli air controllers need to assume authority. And, airports in the new Palestinian state would need up-to-date with air traffic control facilities and equipment; as well as security infrastructure and procedures.

Maritime Security

A multi-layered maritime security system would be needed. Palestinians would govern their territorial waters off Gaza, but with an external layer of an Israeli security zone, where according to international law Israel is open to intercept, board, and inspect any ship. A Palestinian port could be established in Gaza or via man-made island off of Gaza with special security procedures similar to other border crossings.


Any annexation of the West Bank absent a negotiated agreement could lead to immediate and long-term consequences both in the region and in the international community.