Campus Handouts

Included in this section are downloadable worksheets and infographics to help explore different policy areas of the conflict. All the PDF files below contain links to webpages for additional information and are accessible to download for free.

Pragmatic Solutions

In the series of handouts below, you can find easy-to-understand summaries of IPF's policies and reports. These policies are designed to be implemented absent an agreement, shore up Israeli security, and improve the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Improving the Palestinian Standard of LivingImproving the Palestinian EconomyChampioning the Arab Peace Initiative

The West Bank

Containing more than half of the Palestinian population, the West Bank is split into three distinct areas governed in whole or in part by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The following handouts explain IPF's policy proposals in the West Bank.


The Gaza Strip

Governed by Hamas, an internationally-sanctioned terrorist organization, and with close to two million inhabitants in an area close to 10% of the size of Rhode Island, Gaza is a highly volatile place in need of significant humanitarian attention. IPF and its partners have initiated several proposals to address the crisis, while ensuring Israel's continued security and stability.



IPF is intimately cognizant of the security, socio-economic, and political challenges that face Israel daily. In the handouts below, you can find summaries of IPF's analysis and proposals that address these obstacles while providing avenues for progress towards a two-state arrangement.

Proposals: Israel & the APIFactsheet

Policy Proposals

Developed and endorsed by over 270+ Israeli generals and American security experts.

Downloadable Worksheets and Policy Proposals

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