Israeli Proposals

Two-State Security features proposals from retired Israeli security officials and experts.


Many of the suggested proposals could be implemented today without compromising Israeli security.

Israel's Security First

None of these proposals call for the removal of one soldier or settlement until a permanent status agreement is reached.

Final Status

Two-State Security also offers extensive proposals for a final status agreement, putting Israel's security needs at the forefront.

Audio Testimonials

Audio clips from security experts throughout the site give you first-hand accounts and deeper understandings of the complex issues.

Interactive Maps

Dozens of interactive maps developed by ECF allow you to navigate the realities on the ground from your computer or mobile device.

Video Courses

Video courses from experts like Dr. Shaul Arieli explain what can be done in the near-term and how a two-state solution can eventually be achieved.


Ask us any question you may have and a security expert will contact you personally.

Two-State Security Reports